Carolina Leadership Development

Carolina Leadership Development

3505 Frank Porter Graham Student Union, CB# 5210

(919) 962-7724

John Brodeur, Director

Carolina Leadership Development’s vision is to reframe traditional definitions of leadership, in the belief that “good leadership” is necessary to unify community members in achieving the mission of the University and in the general pursuit of “betterness.”  The pursuit of such a state encourages the continued development of a campus thriving in a culture of leadership and assures congruence with the mission of the University.

The program strives to realize this vision by

  • providing theoretical and experiential learning opportunities for students by means of established programs; academic courses in leadership, ethics, and philosophy; personal and organizational consultations; and collaboration with students, staff, and faculty
  • applying the principles of congruent philosophy to contexts that lend greater insight into the relationships, systems, institutions, and customs that can benefit from the presence of good leadership as a key ingredient
  • serving as role-models of congruent ethics and philosophy

Carolina Leadership Development staff also work with student organizations and individuals seeking to increase their insight into leadership-related issues. An important focus of the department is an expansion of services to a wider cross-section of students, with an emphasis on leadership as a mechanism for positive social change.

Additionally, two academic courses are offered: EDUC 317 (one credit) and EDUC 309 (three credits).