First-Year Seminars

First Year Seminar Program

3010 Steele Building, CB #3504

(919) 843-7773

Drew Coleman, Associate Dean and Director

The First Year Seminar Program at UNC–Chapel Hill builds and sustains a vibrant campus-based educational community committed to promoting the success of first-year college students by coordinating a varied offering of seminar-format courses that allow students to work closely with our best faculty on intriguing topics.

First-year seminars introduce students to the intellectual life of the University. They are taught by faculty who are active scholars and accomplished teachers, and have a limited enrollment of only 24 students who are in the first two semesters of their undergraduate experience. The seminars address a range of topics across disciplines, often including the most pressing issues of the day. First-year seminars share a common focus on how scholars pose problems, discover solutions, resolve controversies, and evaluate knowledge. They also provide students with a comfortable and engaging social network.

Students in first-year seminars are active participants in the learning process. The seminars encourage self-directed inquiry by using a variety of activities inside and outside the classroom, including field work, case studies, performances, computer projects, laboratory explorations, archival research, and group presentations.