OCSC 826. Occupational and Environmental Transformations I: Adulthood. 3 Credits.

Investigation of continuity/discontinuity in pattern, function, and meaning of occupations from early adulthood through old age. Analysis of individual differences in occupational performance within family, SES, and cultural contexts.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 828. Occupational and Environmental Transformations II: Childhood. 3 Credits.

Study of age-related change process shaping everyday activities from infancy through adolescents within family, SES, and cultural contexts.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 842. Historical Evolution of Occupational Therapy and Science. 3 Credits.

The historical analysis of occupational therapy and occupational science centers upon questions of philosophical foundations, knowledge development, division of labor, and professionalism within health care.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 844. Research Theory and Methodology in Occupational Science and Therapy. 3 Credits.

Investigation of different underlying philosophical dispositions found in occupational science and therapy and the associated methodologies guiding the study of people engaged in occupations. Applied examples of research design.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 845. Conceptual Introduction to Occupational Science. 3 Credits.

Deconstruction of the original precepts of occupational science while examining several works from other disciplines. Study of early and recent trends and critiques of occupational science to develop an assessment of the state of the discipline and future directions.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 855. Action Theories. 3 Credits.

A reading and discussion of major theories of action from various disciplines. Works read will also entail associated issues such as identity, place, culture, and social relations
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 890. Seminar on Special Topics in Occupational Science. 3 Credits.

Discussion and critical evaluation of philosophy, theory, and scientific issues associated with the study of people's activities in the context of their everyday lives. Topics differ each semester.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 896. Independent Study in Occupational Science. 3 Credits.

Independent study to pursue specific interests and topics under faculty supervision.
Grading status: Letter grade.

OCSC 994. Doctoral Research and Dissertation. 3 Credits.

Doctoral dissertation in occupational science.