Study Abroad

Study Abroad

FedEx Global Education Center, CB #3130

(919) 962-7002

Robert Miles, Associate Dean for Study Abroad and International Exchanges

Living and studying in another culture is a crucial part of an undergraduate education for all majors. Undergraduate students who wish to receive credit for study abroad may do so only on officially sanctioned UNC–Chapel Hill programs, by applying through one of the following offices that administer study abroad programs:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences Study Abroad Office (FedEx Global Education Center)
  • Kenan–Flagler Business School's B.S.B.A. program (McColl Building)

Study abroad credit will be awarded only to students who participate in the programs administered by these UNC–Chapel Hill offices. Students who wish to participate in other programs for academic credit may submit a petition for approval only to the Study Abroad Office. Deadlines and procedures are available from the director for advising in the Study Abroad Office. Not all program petitions are granted.

The Study Abroad Office facilitates all study abroad programs designed and offered within the College of Arts and Sciences, including Honors Study Abroad Programs, Burch Field Research Seminars, and UNC Institute for the Environment Programs. The Study Abroad Office also operates undergraduate student exchange programs and a number of programs led by UNC–Chapel Hill faculty members. Study abroad programs are available in more than 70 countries. There are summer, semester, and yearlong programs.

Many programs for UNC–Chapel Hill students offer a varied curriculum, while some are focused on a particular academic discipline. Students are strongly advised to begin to plan their academic program by first attending a Study Abroad 101 information session and then arranging an advising session in the Study Abroad Office. Students may fulfill elective, General Education, and major/minor requirements abroad. All students who participate in approved study abroad programs will earn experiential education (EE) General Education credit. Approval for major/minor credits must be granted by the director of undergraduate studies or study abroad liaison in the relevant department, and approval for General Education requirements must be granted by the Study Abroad Office, which coordinates the approval process in both instances. Some programs, most often those programs taught by UNC–Chapel Hill faculty members, offer University graded course credits. Most programs will offer transfer credit that can also be used to fulfill requirements toward graduation.

Through informational meetings and individual counseling, the Study Abroad Office advising staff assists students in choosing the best programs for their academic needs and in devising an appropriate course schedule. The Study Abroad Office requires students to attend a predeparture program during which they receive valuable information regarding safe travel, managing money abroad, academic credit issues, and managing cultural adjustment. The office maintains contact with the students while they are abroad and provides reentry information upon their return to Chapel Hill.