Office for Undergraduate Research

Office for Undergraduate Research

220 Graham Memorial, CB #2800

(919) 843-7763

J. Troy Blackburn, Interim Director

The Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR) was established in 1999 to expand the opportunities for undergraduates at Carolina to engage in innovative research, mentored scholarship, and creative performance. It seeks to make research a distinctive feature of the undergraduate educational experience at this vibrant research university. By engaging in research, students learn how discoveries are made and become well prepared to address the unsolved problems of the future. The office is located in 220 Graham Memorial and is a part of the Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence.

All undergraduates are invited to register for the Carolina Research Scholar Program (CRSP). Requirements for CRSP include

  1. the completion of a multidisciplinary research-intensive or research-exposure course such as Modes of Inquiry (IDST 194) or Research beyond Academia (IDST 184);
  2. the completion of either two research-intensive courses, or one research-intensive course and one research methods course; and
  3. the presentation of research at OUR’s Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research or another approved research symposium or professional conference.

Participants who complete these requirements receive official University recognition on their transcripts for their contributions to undergraduate research.

The OUR maintains several searchable databases. These include listings of research methods courses, research-intensive courses in which over half of class time is devoted to students’ conducting original research and presenting research conclusions, and research-exposure courses that provide students with research experiences guided by Graduate Research Consultants (GRCs). The OUR sponsors the Celebration of Undergraduate Research each spring, allowing students to present their results to the campus and community. In addition, OUR offers opportunities for undergraduate students to apply for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs) and for travel awards to present their research at professional meetings.