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Scott S. De Rossi, Dean and Professor


The UNC School of Dentistry is proud to be one of few schools in the United States to offer curricula in dental hygiene, doctor of dental surgery, post-D.D.S., advanced dental education, and Ph.D. programs all under one roof. The various programs span many disciplines and offer multiple career paths. Whatever program you select, you can feel confident you are receiving a top-tier education from some of the nation’s leading dental educators.

The UNC School of Dentistry is committed to excellence in dental education at all levels. Whether applicants want to apply to the school’s dental hygiene program, pursue their D.D.S. degree, or enroll in the six-year oral and maxillofacial surgery residency program, the school actively invests in providing the best education possible to its students. The academic environment fosters the pursuit of knowledge in the basic, behavioral, and clinical sciences. Independent thinking and lifelong learning are encouraged through degree-granting and continuing education programs. A high standard of professional and personal ethics, as well as technical excellence, are integral to the learning experience.

The school thoroughly prepares each of its graduates for their career and sets them on a path to success. Whether students plan to enter the general practice of dentistry, the dental specialties, dental allied health fields, research, or teaching, the UNC School of Dentistry prides itself in producing some of the country’s best clinicians, researchers, and academicians.


Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) Program

The D.D.S. program is a four-year program that provides admitted students with the skills necessary to become a general dentist at graduation. 

Dental Hygiene Programs

The dental hygiene programs are designed to educate and prepare dental hygienists for careers in a diverse and changing health care environment. Being a part of UNC School of Dentistry enables students to have a variety of experiences in clinical patient care, community dental health, and dental specialties, including geriatric dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and research. The emphasis is on creating well-rounded dental hygiene health care professionals who will treat a variety of patients and provide leadership in the profession.

The school offers both undergraduate and graduate level education for dental hygiene students. The undergraduate program prepares students to become registered dental hygienists, while the graduate program focuses on allowing already-registered dental hygienists to begin careers in academia.

Graduate and Advanced Dental Education

The UNC School of Dentistry is proud to offer 15 advanced dental education and graduate programs for prospective students to consider, in addition to observer externship opportunities. These programs are designed to further the knowledge of students and to provide specialty training in various fields of dentistry.

More information about the dental hygiene and graduate and advanced dental education programs can be found in this catalog and on the school's Web site.


The UNC School of Dentistry is currently the largest dental school facility in the nation. The school has grown to include several buildings, located within a dynamic health science campus. Among the school’s buildings are Tarrson Hall, a state-of-the-art clinical teaching facility, and Brauer Hall, which includes patient simulation laboratories with the latest in dental equipment. The majority of the school’s research takes place in Koury Oral Health Sciences, completed in April 2012. The 216,000-square-foot facility houses a variety of classroom and lecture spaces, as well as cutting-edge research laboratories, all of which encourage collaborative research and learning experiences. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, case study rooms, laboratory (simulation and dental material labs), clinical facilities, and Kirkland Auditorium. The UNC School of Dentistry also features an atrium with a media wall, social seating, and dining areas with a food court.